2020 Croga Fitness Members of the Year

Croga Fitness
July 19, 2021
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Dear Croganites,This past year has been difficult. It has also been inspiring. A rollercoaster of crazy circumstances; brutal yet uplifting - sometimes all at once.The gym was closed for 119 days, but in those four months, we saw relationships blossom, both digitally and in-person (outdoors), that have only grown stronger as the year dragged on.We were all restricted to our homes, unable to eat out, attend parties, or travel, which gave many of you more time to focus on your own health and wellness, and we loved being part of your journey to lose hundreds of pounds, earn countless PRs and learn innumerable new skills.Government restrictions and modifications of said restrictions came at us left and right like we were in an intense game of Dodgeball (Purple Cobras!) and we took the information in, made the best and safest decision for our community, relayed the message to you all, and you rallied behind the path forward without hesitation.If there’s one thing that I know for certain, it is that this community is strong and we are supremely grateful for your continued support of not just the gym, but more importantly, of each other.Our goal has always been to build a family of athletes that will support each other and 2020 put our mission statement to the test and I would like to commend you for passing with flying colors.That is why, in lieu of a 2020 Member of the Year, we have elected to name the entire 2020 Croga Community our Members of the Year.Your perseverance, generosity, thoughtfulness, and grit amaze and inspire us daily.One of our visions has always been to consistently evolve and improve our product, and with all the momentum you have produced during 2020, we’re excited to continue to improve your experience at Croga in 2021!A big thank you for your continued support of Croga Fitness. We hope to see you in class (outside) soon.Be Lionhearted,Coach Dave

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