Building & Breaking Habits Law 4

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July 19, 2021
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Law 4: Make Good Habits Satisfying & Bad Habits Unsatisfying

If you missed the first part of this blog, head over to the Intro.

To get a habit to stick you need to feel an immediate reward. We are more likely to repeat a behavior when the experience is satisfying. We can accomplish this in two ways:

  1. Track Our Habits! Tracking our habits provides clear evidence of our progress and also adds a little bit to any activity. Similar to how crossing things off a list gives us a sense of accomplishment, tracking our habits in a visual manner helps make them more satisfying.
  2. Get an Accountability Partner! Having someone to check-in with regularly (and to brag to when you are sticking to your habits) can be a powerful motivator.

Below are some examples:

Good Habit: I want to track my food every day and hit certain macros.

Get an Accountability Partner: I will send a screenshot of my MFP tracker to my Croga WAG coach every night.

Bad Habit: I want to swap my soda habit for more water.

Track Our Habits: Download a water tracking app on my phone and log each time I drink a glass of water.

Good Habit: I want to workout at least 4 times a week.

Track Our Habits: Put a calendar on the fridge and each night after dinner, highlight the day if I worked out.

Bad Habit: I want to break my nightly glass of wine with dinner habit.

Accountability Partner: Share your goal of “no wine weekdays” with your close friend group-text. Check in with them each Friday to share your progress.

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