Kendra V. is the May Member of the Month

Croga Fitness
June 21, 2022
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Kendra is your member of the month!!

If y’all haven’t met Kendra yet it’s probably because she is a 5am-er! Only a certain kind of human can workout before the sun comes up and Kendra is definitely one of them. Since she joined us back in February she’s been one of, if not the most, consistent early morning person! And she does it without any caffeine!!! (She saves the coffee for when she’s at work)

Kendra’s dedication is impressive in and of itself but she’s also fantastic to have in class. She always does whatever is asked of her and is willing to try anything. Whether it’s heavier weights or a new movement, Kendra is down.

But even when she’s throwing around something heavy, or trying something she hasn’t done before, Kendra is very conscious of her movement! It’s the PT in her! She knows how important it is to move well in, and outside of the gym!

It’s been a pleasure to have such a hard-working and genuinely nice person in class. Kendra is one of the first to tell other people great job after a workout. And she always has something positive to say. If you’re ever up or just want to workout with a great person, come see Kendra at 5am!

When did you join Croga?

February 2022

What were you doing before for fitness?

HIIT and Cycling

What was your first workout? First reaction to your first workout?

100 Burpees for time

Really questioned what I was getting myself into. I did not make it to 100 with the time cap and that made me want to keep improving.

What improvements have you seen in the way you look, feel and perform?

Overall I feel more fit in general. I have seen improvements in strength and endurance and reduced stress.

What days and times do you come to Croga?

M,W,F 5 am (this way I am still half asleep)

What's your favorite WOD?

AMRAPs, barbells, anything with bike or rowing

What's your least favorite WOD?

100 Burpees for time

"The Kendra" WOD! What would it be?

5 rounds for time

16 cal row

10 hang power cleans

20 ab-mat sit-ups

200 m run

What’s your favorite post-workout routine?

Go home make coffee and then get ready for work (my life is fairly boring in the morning)

What's been your favorite culinary discovery since joining Croga?

Lately it has just been cooking more. Currently I am trying to cook 1 new recipe per week and that has been fun!

What's your biggest fitness goal for this year?

My goal for this year is just being consistent with working out to improve my overall fitness. I also want to improve my running so right now I have a goal to run at least a mile a day for 75 days. (I am currently 23 days in)

What do you love about this type of fitness?

I really like the variability of the workouts.

What words of advice do you have for new members or people considering joining Croga?

I would tell them to try it out no matter their fitness level. There are many scaling options and everyone has a different fitness. Everyone is super supportive of each other and the environment is awesome!

Anything to add that we didn't touch on yet?

I would just like to thank the Croga coaches and members for making Croga an enjoyable environment!

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