Paula G. is the May Member of the Month

Croga Fitness
July 19, 2021
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Paula started coming to Croga a few years ago in between Volleyball seasons to improve her fitness and improve her game. Even though Paula can be a tad quiet, it wasn't long before I could tell that she LOVED coming to the gym and doing all the different workouts. Over the past few years, she has made huge strides physically and grown up a lot (she even drives herself to the gym now instead of having to have her dad drop her off, haha). She has also continued to attend more and more classes each month over that time, to the point now where we see her pretty much 7 days a week.We have all really loved coaching Paula and watching her mature as an athlete and human over the past few years and I hope that my girls are drawn to health and fitness like her when they become teenagers as well. We wish you all the best in your adventures in college next year and beyond, Paula! I'm sure we'll see you every day for the workouts when you're home on break.

When did you join Croga?

I think I joined summer of 2018

What were you doing before for fitness?

P.E. in middle school and playing sports.

What was your first workout? First reaction to your first workout?

The only thing I remember from my first workout is doing wall balls. My reaction was that I thought wall balls were tiring and that I was not a fan of them. It was great that we didn’t do wall balls for awhile since we were outdoors but now that we are back in the gym my immediate first thought was “ugh does that mean we have to do wall balls again?” lol

What days and times do you come to Croga?

I try to come everyday and the time of day I come in depends on if I want to wake up early or not lol. I used to go to 4:30 or 5:30, but since school ended and it’s summer I now try to come at 7 am before it gets too hot.

What's your favorite WOD?

My favorite WOD is any 20 minutes or longer workouts and anything with box jumps.

What's your least favorite WOD?

Anything with wall balls, assault bike, and double unders (only because it hurts REALLY bad when the rope hits me when I mess up).

"The Paula" WOD! What would it be?

For every 1 minute for 32 minutes alternate between:16 box jumpsCalorie row15 power cleans200 meter run

What’s your favorite post-workout routine?

Going home to eat watermelon and then calling my dad while he is at work to tell him about the workout I did lol

What's your biggest fitness goal for this year?

I really want to be able to do a bunch of handstand push-ups at a time (when I say a bunch I mean like 3-7 of them in a row).

What do you love about this type of fitness?

I love that I don’t have to come up with my own workouts and that basically every workout is challenging no matter what your fitness level is.

What words of advice do you have for new members or people considering joining Croga?

If you are considering Croga you should definitely join because everyone is very friendly and welcoming. You’ll have a ton of fun (especially if I’m in your class hahaha).

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