Preston Rind


* CrossFit Level 2
* CrossFit Level 1
* CrossFit Kids
* CrossFit Spot The Flaw Course Certificate

About Coach

Preston has never failed to stand out physically. He was born at a weight of 10 lbs 10 oz and his growth didn’t slow as he ended middle school at a height of 6’1”. Once high school sports started, he realized he could not just rely on his natural size to excel. A combination of this and his need to catch his lanky physique up to his disproportionately large head (size 7 5/8 for reference) drove him to find his love for training. As he got into the routine of resistance training in high school in preparation for football and baseball seasons, he soon realized he enjoyed the process of training more than he enjoyed the competition of sport. He is passionate about the benefit that lifting weights and training progressively can have on one’s physical and mental well-being. This passion led him to find CrossFit in March 2012 as a freshmen in college and he knew immediately this would be his avenue to share his passion with others. Preston lives in Campbell, CA with his wife, Alexxa. Preston has been with us since his college days at Santa Clara University, where he earned his BS in Business-Finance. He currently works in sales for Xilinx Inc., in San Jose. When he is not working or coaching, he is usually lifting, running, walking or eating. His other hobbies include helping out at local craft brewery Hapa’s Brewing Company in Willow Glenn, using his AMC A-list to see as many movies as possible (he saw more than 60 movies in theaters in 2018!), and learning about various training methods. Though he sometimes spreads himself thin, his favorite way(s) to “relax” are traveling, going to country concerts, and trying all different style of beer with his wife. Nutrition has always been a priority for Preston in his training. When Preston was told that he could start on the varsity football team as a junior at Los Gatos High School if he gained weight, he quickly went to work lifting and eating whenever possible resulting in putting on 40 lbs in 10 months. After a few years when he was done with organized sports and no longer needed to hold onto his 250lb bodyweight, he struggled to adjust to a more sustainable way of eating. It wouldn’t be until after college when Preston would find flexible dieting. Although Preston can still put down an unbelievable amount of food (ask him about some of his feats when you see him), flexible dieting has allowed him to find a balance of health, performance, and happiness. He has since been inspired to help others find a more sustainable approach to their nutrition.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

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